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Expected release date is 31st Dec 2022

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Mofi Sourcepoint 10 Loudspeakers

The SourcePoint 10 loudspeaker from Mofi is a 10" concentric two-way with a 10" paper/pulp midbass driver and a time aligned, centrally mounted 1.25" tweeter. The styling is a bit retro, with a modern touch. Efficiency is an impressive 91dB/2.83v, a minimum 6.3 ohm impedance curve and boasting a frequency response of 42Hz to 30kHz. 

Designed by Andrew Jones

Renowned loudspeaker designer Andrew Jones was given a blank slate by Mofi Electronics for this project. Using his existing successful experience with concentric driver design, he went to work on a completely new driver, one that pushed the boundaries of his experience into new territory. Custom-developed over 18 months of R&D, the all-new 10-inch Concentric driver delivers stunning clarity and deep bass impact. It also achieves his design goal of a two-way design that was efficient, and could still produce a good amount of bass. 

sourcepoint-10 speaker

Concentric Drivers

The 10-inch paper-pulp cone has nearly 2.5x the surface area of a typical 6.5-inch bass driver, and barely needs to move in order to produce large and dynamic sound. The conical shape of the 10" driver keeps a consistent waveguide around the tweeter for the most coherent sound possible, with the least amount of distortion, and without sacrificing bass.

Fitted centrally within the bass driver is a 1.25-inch soft dome tweeter with a wide-roll surround and large diameter voice coil. The tweeter has great power handling and minimal thermal compression, allowing it to come in at 1.6kHz and deliver smooth response beyond 30kHz.

The two drivers work together as one to create sound that is pure and powerful.

Time and Phase Alignment

The drivers are also time and phase aligned. This ensures that the frequencies arrive at your ears with the proper time and phase, producing holographic imaging and stunning coherance.

Higher Efficiency + Stable Impedance = Easy To Drive

At 91dB efficiency and a minimum impedance of 6.3 ohms, the SourcePoint 10 are easy to drive with as little as 30 watts. A powerful tube amp like the Audio Hungary Qualiton X200 is perfect for this speaker. Giving you the rich tone of tubes with the imaging of a time and phase coherent speaker.

Solid Enclosure

The top, bottom, and sides of the SourcePoint 10 are 1-inch thick MDF wrapped in beautiful real wood veneer. The gorgeous, faceted front baffle is 2-inch thick MDF finished in a smooth satin black coating. It not only gives the speaker a modern look, but it also aids in diffusing reflections off of the front baffle, and is a very inert base to mount the 10 inch concentric driver to. Last, Two internal braces connect the top, sides, and bottom to further strengthen the cabinet.


You can choose the warmth and richness of Satin Walnut or the stealthy professional look of Satin Black Ash. The SourcePoint 10 uses furniture-grade real wood veneer that is book matched for mirror-imaged grain patterns on both of your speakers.


  • Frequency Response: 42Hz-30kHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms, 6.2 Ohms minimum
  • Sensitivity: 91dB/2.83V/1m
  • Crossover Frequency: 1.6kHz
  • Minimum Recommended Power: 30W
  • Max Power Input: 200W

Dimensions (WxHxD): 14.5" x 22.5" x 16.6" with grille

Weight: 46.2 lb / 21kg each