Spatial Audio X3

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Spatial Audio X3

Efficient, High Output Open Baffle Loudspeaker

Highlights of the Spatial X3

  • Horn loaded AMT High Frequency Driver
  • 12" Mid Woofer
  • 15" Ncore Powered bass driver
  • Wired with Duelund wire
  • UlraLam low resonance baffle

About the Spatial X3 

The Spatial Audio X3 open baffle loudspeaker is a 3 way design, open baffle loudspeaker that offers performance well beyond it's price point. The drivers have all been selected for their transparency, output and value. For the high frequencies, a large, horn-loaded air motion transformer offers extremely low distortion and high output. The 12" midbass designed by Spatial uses a stiff and lightweight paper cone driver and operates down to 90Hz. The Bass driver is a 15" NCore amplified design, taking the load off of the midbass driver below 90Hz, and also taking a load off of your main amplifier. The 94 dB sensitivity makes amplification possibilities quite enticing (tubes anyone?).

 Open Baffle Design

The unique open baffle design eliminates any chance of a speaker's enclosure vibrating and coloring the sound. There literally is no enclosure to vibrate. Additionally, this means the sound radiates out the front and back sides of the speaker in a dipole pattern. This also helps create a more open sound, with a massive, 3 dimensional soundstage.

State Of The Art Air Motion Transformer

The World’s finest Air Motion Transformer unit covers the upper midrange, into the ultrasonic spectrum in a single element, with low distortion and controlled directivity radiation properties. This dipolar unit’s intrinsic high efficiency and large surface area provide unparalleled upper register reproduction, eliminating listener fatigue while maintaining true fidelity to the input signal. The need to switch drivers in the critical range between 1kHz an 5kHz seen in traditional speaker designs is no longer necessary. Machined and die-cast aluminum construction throughout with powerful Neodymium motor assembly provides non-resonant, pristine reproduction with precise imaging and soundstage projection.

Lightning Quick 12" Midrange/Midbass Driver

Spatial's new 12 inch lower midrange driver is lightning quick by virtue of its low moving mass and ultra powerful rare-earth motor design for excellent signal tracking down to 90Hz.

15" Powered Subwoofer

Crisp, detailed low registers are produced by the new Spatial ST15-8 Neo subwoofer, establishing a firm foundation to the music down to 35 Hz. Absolute speed and authority without the loose, boomy side effects found in box speaker designs.

Unique Baffle Construction

The X3 introduces a new high performance baffle material from Germany called UltraLam. The composite structure contains hundreds of layers of beech wood glued together to form a beautiful and dense baffle with excellent self-damping properties for the most natural sound available. A secondary sub-baffle provides resonance draining properties and houses the isolated mid/high passive crossover and integrated N-Core power amplifier which drives the subwoofer. An ideal combination of an 8 Ohm, high-efficiency mid/treble system and a DSP controlled, direct-coupled, self-powered Open-Baffle subwoofer outperforms any known all-passive design approach. An Architectural Grade design that serves the music. Ideal for use in medium to large sized rooms.

Duelund Internal Wiring

The Spatial X3 is wired up with Duelund's "Tone Wire". It's a cotton jacketed, plated copper wire known for it's warm and rich sound. We at Tweek Geek have made speaker cables, interconnects, even power cables out of this wire and must say it is an extraordinary performer.

Clarity Caps

The minimalist crossover uses Clarity Caps in the signal path. These were chosen over many others that were auditioned for their superior synergy with the AMT driver.

The Sound: Tweek Geek's Take

The Spatial X3's are a transparent window. Both into your system, and into the recording. They are capable of incredible output, and at the same time able to play and play in a most revealing way at low listening levels. Whatever signal they are fed is what they reproduce. The controlled dispersion of the high frequencies keeps many problem room reflections at bay. We do recommend a really good sealed or open baffle subwoofer with these speakers for those who want solid performance below 35 Hz or so. The Rhythmik F-12 G servo sealed subwoofer is our recommendation for a sealed subwoofer, or the GR Research servo open baffle subwoofer kit for those who aren't afraid of DIY.

These speakers have a minimum recommended distance of 3 feet from the back wall. However, if you really want them to produce a deep, 3D soundstage bring them out even further. Our X3's in the Studio are about 55" from the back wall, and toe'd in a bit.

Soundstage, Speed & Sparkle

When carefully set up, the soundstage is immersive. Going not only deep, but wide to the sides, even wrapping around the listener at times. The X3"s will give you exactly what is in the recording, within the limitations of your equipment. 3D layering and harmonics are beautifully rendered by the ultra low distortion AMT high frequency driver. Air, dynamics and speed are the strengths of this design. All drivers are able to keep up with one another and speak with one coherent voice.

Tone, Timbre & Texture

The Three T's are what make this speaker really special. High efficiency, paper drivers mated to the incredible AMT driver render tones and subtle textures with natural ease. Instrumental timbres are spot-on, never sounding artificial, unless the recording has made it so.