Stillpoints ERS RFI Killer


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Stillpoints ERS RFI Killer

Stillpoints non-adhesive backed ERS is no longer available. The product has been discontinued, but I do have some adhesive backed ERS in stock and will continue to offer it until it runs out.

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    Great product for a refined system.

    Posted by David on 9th Feb 2021

    This product is for someone who has completely built their system and wants to play with that last 1% of improvement. It does provide an improvement to my ear, cleaner high end, darker background. Installed in schiit mani and modi. Will install in a dynaco st-150 power amp soon. Product is just little expensive however once installed it's a done deal, one time purchase, for an improvement. Also wish it was adhesive lined. I used double sided tape.

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    Stillpoint ERS Killer

    Posted by Charlton White on 3rd Jan 2021

    Exceptional, use on power supply and sensitive equipment.

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    Need to know how to use

    Posted by Matt on 8th Mar 2017

    OK, my system is based more for a home theater than pure stereo system. Power is fed from an aftermarket outlet to a Furman 15 Pfi, from there to each component. A Panasonic DMP-30 BluRay and a Marantz SR7008. The front l/r speakers use the Marantz as a pre only and send this signal via Kimber Kable Hero to a NuPrime STA-9 to JBL ES80 speakers by way of Kimber Kable 8VS jumped with Analysis Plus Oval 12 inch jumpers. The center is a JBL LC1 with Audioquest Rocket 33, single bi-wire. My TV is a Panasonic plasma. All HDMI and power cables are Pangea and heavily shielded; the HDMI 4% silver plate. So the 1st application of the ERS cloth was with some help from the Head Geek at Tweek Geek. Upon talking to him I used some 600 volt standoff electrical tape and made a make-shift shield from a piece of ERS cloth to put around the transformer in my bluray. By using the tape there is no chance of a short. I also put a single layer on the top cover over all circuitry (digital) and also a small electrical tape covered piece under the transport mechanism where other circuitry (digital I imagined). I also made a few electrical tape/ERS cloth panels to put around where the HDMI input is. BTW, all inputs/outputs to the BluRay, TV, Marantz are covered with RF/EMI blocking caps which have been shown to already work. When I played my first disc (a DVD-Van Helsing); the results were obvious. Greater depth of field in the picture, less snow noise, more video details. The same, as I recall, held true for audio, but to a lesser degree. With my RCA caps, it seems that the RF/EMI hash caught in the system takes time to get flushed out and the video is more immediate to be observed. The rest of the ERS cloth was used on my Furman conditioner. I covered the whole top panel and then put an additional sheet in the middle 1/3, near the circuit boards I put as much as was practical in the electrical tape to surround them without touching them and lined the nearest side panels (as much as was practical) with the ERS. This 'tweek' was harder to discern because I also added 6 Bybee QSE's at the time and also a new cable splitter (made with beryllium copper contacts and reduced cross talk between I-net and TV signal) and a TV signal amp that provided 14 dB gain. Anyhow, the results were obvious; but I dont know how to dissect one from another at this point. The 1st thing I watched was the Munsters on a local station. The blacks blacker, the whites whiter and the difference between seemed to improve (the contrast I believe). All the background artifacts again came out more than I recalled and same as the definition of the audio (through my TV speakers) and the definition improved in the picture too. I would apologize for this epistle, but I am new at this and at this point any information is hopefully helpful for anyone out there. The way these need to be used (from what I have gathered) is on the interior of the component, unless one makes a Faraday shield over a component. The reason is all the digital chips and power supplies give off the RF/EMI and it just pings around the inside of the enclosure and this stuff is like a sponge.

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    They work Ok

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Nov 2016

    They work Ok. My Marantz Super Audio Cd player was the one piece who show more improvement using the Stillpoints ERS RFI Killer. Nothing spectacular

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    RFI Sheild?

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jul 2016

    As per the Tweak Geek site placed a small square ERS paper under head shell above cartridge leads. Possible small improvement, could be added weight/mass ?? Will continue to try other applications.