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Stillpoints ESS 42-40-5 Grid Rack

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Stillpoints ESS Racks

Stillpoints Ultra on ESS RackThe Stillpoints 42-40-5 Rack

  • 42" Tall
  • 40" Wide
  • 5 Shelves Total

Stillpoints ESS racks are widely recognized as the best in the industry. They are available in a variety of configurations. You are looking at the 42-40-5 model. This model has 2 - 42 inch masts, with 5 - 40 inch wide shelves. Hence the 42-40-5 model designation.


  • Equipment suspended by vibration damping hub mechanism.

  • Stillpoints dampers built into each 3/4" stainless steel shelf support beam and leg.

  • Extensive use of dissimilar materials.

  • Low profile, versatile & expandable design.

  • Adjustable shelf positions.

  • Level adjustment can be made with feet or shelf positioning.

  • Stillpoints/Threaded Risers can be added to each leg.

  • If space allows, additional shelves can be added.

  • Low mass design reduces energy storage

  • Weight capacity per shelf:
    20" and 26" wide is 250 lbs.
    40" wide is 150 lbs.

  • Total weight capacity is 1,000 lbs per rack.

The  42-40-5 ESS rack consists of two Masts, two Crossbars, and 3 shelves. The ESS rack can be configured with extra shelves at an additional cost. if you need a different configuration than what is offered directly off of our site, please give us a call at 888-998-9335.

ESS Grid racks have the advantage of being able to attach Ultra SS or Ultra 5 Stillpoints to the shelves directly.

How much can the ESS Rack Support?

The Stillpoints 42-40-5 will accept weights up to 150lbs per shelf. Meaning they can support your amplifiers, or tranformer based power conditioners with ease. It can hold over 1000 lbs total. 

Stillpoints ESS Rack Reviews

"Everything in my system has been chosen because it contributed to the reproduction of a realistic soundstage and the timbral accuracy of instruments, and I had long assumed that I was enjoying all that the electronics and speakers could give me in terms of that realism. The Stillpoints ESS 28-40-3 rack showed this assumption to be baseless. From the sweetness of the highs to the solid bass, everything had a rightness to it. I suspected from the first listening session with my components on the Stillpoints rack that it was something special. You can’t see it working, but you sure can hear it." -


Five years parts and labor