Stillpoints Overview

Stillpoints Component Feet - An Overview

Audio component feet should help isolate your components from external vibrations, dissapate internal vibrations, do so without altering the tonal balance, and finally help you hear more of the music that is already in the recording. Stillpoints can help you achieve  all of these things, and the results can transform your audio system's performance, much like a major component upgrade.

Call us today at 888-998-9335 to try a set of stillpoints by taking advantage of our in-home audition program, or our 30 day money back guarantee.

Either way, you can hear what these amazing products can do in the comfort of your own home, and in your own audio system. No pressure from salespeople. Just you, the product and a few days time to make a decision whether they are right for you.

About Stillpoints

Stillpoints are state-of-the-art audio component feet that reduce mechanical vibrations and decouple components from surfaces. Stillpoints are the only bidirectional isolation device that has no direct vertical path through them. Meaning you cannot draw a vertical line through the Stillpoint and have perfect contact all the way through.

stillpoints.jpgDissipation & Decoupling

Using proprietary stainless steel and ceramic bearings, the Stillpoint essentially takes the microvibrations coming from the component that is sitting on it and dissipates them (top-down). It also decouples the component from the surface that the Stillpoint is sitting on (bottom up).


Most other component feet work in the 20hz to approximately 1kHz band. The Stillpoints work with 100 nanosecond and down vibrations. These are the frequencies that harm the audio signal the most. They act as a filter on these frequencies, and the benefit is passed into the audible band.

What You Get

The main benefits are;

#1 - No tonal shift whatsoever. Other products fool you into thinking they are doing good by altering the tonal balance of your component. Not so with the Stillpoints.

#2 - By reducing these ultra small, nano vibrations, the component, speaker, etc is able to reveal the resolution it is capable of. Particularly harmonic resolution and tonal textures. Microdynamics improve as well.Increased resolution means a more 3 dimensional soundstage.

#3 - Instrumental decays are more natural and have a longer sustain, just like real music.

Ultra Mini vs. Ultra SS vs. Ultra 5 vs. Ultra 6

ultra-mini.jpgStillpoints Ultra Mini - Designed for components weighing 50 pounds or less, the Ultra Minis feature one ceramic ball bearing that acts as a "vibration filter" to reduce the transfer of vibration.

Placing a component on top of the Ultra minis

Resolution will increase immensely, bass will tighten up and amazingly the treble will become smoother and seem more open. The soundstage and its entire perspective will also change from laidback to upfront. Not in an aggressive way, but just a change in perspective.

Ultra Mini Dimensions

  • Height: 1.25"
  • Diameter: .65" to 1"

stillpoints ultra ssStillpoints Ultra SS - Capable of handling over 1000 pounds per foot, there isn't much in the audio world that the Utra Stainless Steel can't handle. The Stillpoints Ultra SS is a four tier filter using ten ceramic balls. Meaning there are four levels of ceramic bearings, twice as many as the original Stillpoints. The Stillpoints Ultra in Stainless Steel transfers energy faster than Aluminum and is more stable. It's ideal anywhere in the system but most effective under loudspeakers with the appropriate adapters.The bottom has a 1/4" 20 threaded hole to fit additional adapters from Stillpoints.

What you can expect

Components placed on top of the Ultra SS will sound bigger and bolder with more authority than components placed on Ultra Minis.

Ultra SS Dimensions

  • Height: 1.5" to 1.8"
  • Diameter: 1.25" to 1.35"

Stillpoints Ultra 5stillpoints ultra 5Stillpoints Ultra 5The Ultra 5 employs five pockets of Stillpoint technology per unit, 20 ball bearings, twice as many as the Ultra SS. Making The Ultra 5 the second highest level of dissipation and decoupling you can get. They are made for very large and heavy components and loudspeakers. 

What improvements can I expect?

Heavy components set atop the Ultra 5 will have much more articulate and exact but also gained more drive and solidity.

Ultra 5 Dimensions

  • Height: 2.25"
  • Diameter: 3"


stillpoints ultra 6Stillpoints Ultra 6The Ultra 6 is the first Ultra product to use technology pockets on opposing sides of the isolator. This unique design can be used in multiple applications:

  • Attach directly to an ESS rack, providing a lower profile than an Ultra 5.
  • Attach directly to a loudspeaker stand and set the monitor on the Ultra 6.
  • Place an Ultra 6 "With Ultra Base" between a satellite and subwoofer. 
  • Position an Ultra 6 with Ultra Base under an amplifier when ventilation and aesthetics is needed

One of the main differences, besides the number of Stillpoints pockets, is that it is a single puck of stainless steel. The Ultra 5 for instance, is comprised of 2 pucks of stainless steel. The single puck design traps and transmits vibration to the Stillpoints pockets more efficiently.

Ultra 6 Dimensions

  • Height: Minimum 1.60" to Maximum 1.92"
  • Diameter: 2.97"

Auditioning Stillpoints

Try the Stillpoints products in your own system risk-free. We have a few models available for a short term loan for in-home auditions. Contact us for details on auditioning Stillpoints in your own system. We also back Stillpoints products with our 30 day money back guarantee. 


Should I go with 3 component feet, or 4?

All Stillpoints can be used in either a 3 or 4 foot configuration. The four foot configuration does sound slightly better.

Can I buy adapters that will allow me to screw Stillpoints directly in place of my component feet, or speaker spikes?

Yes. The Stillpoint Ultra SS and Ultra 5 have threaded holes at their base that are made for adapters the Stillpoints offers. They offer metric or US sized adapters that will allow you to screw the Stillpoint directly to your component via the component feet threaded holes, or your loudspeaker via its threaded spike holes.

I use traditional speaker spikes that go through the carpet and couple directly to the subfloor. Isn't that superior to a Stillpoint, that merely sits on top of the carpet?

No. The Stillpoint is equally effective, and does not induce tonal shifts when placed on different surfaces. You will notice that when you spike your speakers on carpet vs. tile vs. wood there are tremendous tonal shifts between the surfaces. The Stillpoints reacts the same way regardless of the flooring surface you put them on.

I have a flooring surface that scratches easily, can I use Stillpoints on my delicate surface without damaging my floor?

You can definitely reduce the chances of damage by using s Stillpoint Ultra Base. this 3" in diameter base for the Stillpoint Ultra will reduce the per square inch pressure exerted on your flooring surface.

I also need to level the component that I want to use Stillpoints on. What are my options?

The Mini ultra does have some adjustment capability for leveling, as does the Ultra SS. The Ultra 5 can be levelled if used with the Ultra Base.