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Stillpoints Ultra LP Isolator II

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Stillpoints Ultra LP Isolator II

Turntable Vibration Isolator

How it works: The LPI slips over the spindle of your turntable and rests on the label portion of the LP.

The Stillpoints LP Isolator absorbs the micro vibrations that are present at the label area, and makes the reproduction clearer, cleaner, more delicate, more open, and lifelike. The LPI Short Spindle is compatible with many turntables. The LPI Long Spindle works with all turntables that incorporate a longer than average spindle. When in doubt, order the long spindle as it will work with any turntable.



  • Ultra LPI - Short Spindle
    • Height 0.93" (23.62 mm)
    • Diameter: 2.97" (75.44 mm)
    • WEIGHT: 1.45 lbs (0.658 kg)

  • Ultra LPI - Long Spindle 

    • Height 0.93" (23.62 mm)
    • Diameter: 2.97" (75.44 mm

    • WEIGHT: 1.55 lbs (0.70 kg)