Stillpoints Ultra Mini Audio Isolation Feet


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Stillpoints Ultra Mini

The Stillpoints Ultra Mini, is the succseeor to the original Stillpoints. It is a smaller version of the Stillpoints Ultra Stainless. They are a significant improvement over the original Stillpoints.

The Ultra Minis feature one ceramic ball bearing that acts as a "vibration filter" to reduce the transfer of vibration.

Differences between the Ultras and the Ultra Minis:

The Mini Ultra is designed to be an isolator that rests between a shelf and a component. They can handle 50 pounds per Stillpoint, whereas the Ultra SS can handle up to 1000 pounds per Stillpoint. Obviously the Utra Mini is designed for smaller components. The Ultra Mini can be used to isolate small bookshelf loudspeakers. The Ultra Mini is height adjustable to .160" or a little more than 1/8". 

What you will hear

The Ultra Mini will deliver improvements like a greater sense of space around intruments and performers, low-level detail retrieval, and microdynamic shadings.

Learn about all of the Stillpoints component feet, how they work, and which is best for your needs.

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    Work, Work, Work

    Posted by Erik Chapin on 21st Jan 2023

    I bought these after reading a lot of very positive reviews and customer comments. I purchased a set of 4 and tried them under different pieces of equipment to determine the best place for them. I finally settled on using them underneath a 4k disc player, which has significantly improved the image and sound quality and greatly enhanced my enjoyment of movies and such. But there are caveats I feel should be mentioned for those who may be considering purchasing these. First off, make sure you have the equipment placed on a flat surface where you have 360 degree access to the equipment. If they are in an enclosed cabinet you will find the process of placement to be much more difficult. Which leads me to one of the most important aspects to buying these, you have to have a lot of patience and dedicate a lot of time to the process. These things can exhibit major improvements or be a detriment and it's entirely based on the equipment and where they are placed underneath. Moving just one of them a quarter inch in any direction can instantly change the sound. I'd liken it to tuning an instrument and depending on the person, it can be a fruitful experience or a frustrating one. The other thing to consider is whether the bottom plate of your equipment is flat or is impressioned with varying heights. Obviously a flat bottom will be easier to place the feet under and maneuver them around, but if not you are going to be spending a lot of extra time adjusting the height on the individual feet to get them leveled right. How heavy the equipment is will also be a factor in the process. I had them underneath a stereo amp for awhile, listening to various material and moving them around to try to obtain the right balance of sound. I heard improvements in the treble and midrange that were quite nice, but the fullness of the sound was always missing and once I removed them and reconnected with the original sound of the amp on it's own feet, I realized how much of the warm, full character of the amp's sound had been missing and I decided not to use them underneath the amp. As I said earlier, the improvements to the 4k player were significant, but the feet needed to be placed in very specific spots and the bottom plate is impressioned, so it was a lot of work to get there. Additionally, the player can easily slide off the feet, probably because it's lightweight, so I have to be very careful not to do anything to move it or else I'm gonna have to spend time getting them back in place. If the improvements to the player performance weren't so significant, I probably wouldn't have kept the Stillpoints. I didn't realize it would require so much time, effort, and patience to utilize them. But I did learn valuable lessons in how something like the Stillpoints impacts the characteristics of sound of various audio equipment and ultimately satisfied my curiosities, which is what drove me to purchase these in the first place.

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    Stillpoints Ultra Mini Audio Isolation Feet

    Posted by Robert Olson on 28th Jan 2021

    I've used many different brands of isolation feet over the past 30 years. These are by far the best for relatively light gear like preamps, DACS, and steamers. Their effect is dramatic.

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    Skeptical - NOT NOW!

    Posted by Gary Werhonig on 27th Dec 2014

    Mike recommended the Stillpoints and as much as I respect his opinion, I just had a hard time spending the money on these. I went ahead and put a set under my Audio Research amplifier and I admit it - the sound quality significantly increased. I have not spent so little money on such a sonic improvement. Highly recommended, along with listening to Mike.