Audio Vibration Absorbers, Racks, Acoustic Treatments

Stillpoints is best known for their line of vibration absorbing feet by the same name. The line has evolved into 4 levels of products dubbed the Ultra line: The Ultra Mini, the Ultra SS, The Ultra 5 and the Ultra 6. It's a unique, patented technology that is considered the state of the art in the field of audio.

They also manufacture audio equipment racks that incorporate the same resonance damping technology. The ESS series of racks has many options and configurations suitable for any audio system. 

Tweek Geek got it's start with Stillpoints with the introduction of their RFI absorbing fabric, ERS. Stillpoints ERS is still a mainstay of our lineup of audio tweaks. It's been one of our longest, and best selling products.

Most recently they've gotten in to acoustic treatments with their Aperture acoustic panels. 

We invite you to try Stillpoints products. We have many of the products available for in-home audition, the others we stand behind with our 30-day money back guarantee.