Studio Electric M4 Monitor

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Studio Electric M4 Monitor

Sealed Box Two Way Loudspeaker Makes Music Like Nothing Else At It's Price

Grills and optional finishes are available. Call us for pricing!


The Studio Electric M4 is a 12”x8.625"x15" sealed two-way monitor loudspeaker. The driver complement is a 6.5” proprietary co-polymer woofer, and 1” silk dome tweeter. Around back, each monitor has a single pair of sturdy five-way binding posts mounted on a milled aluminum plate embossed with the M4 logo. The enclosure is a hefty mixture of high-density fiberboard, medium-density fiberboard, and sturdy bracing. Rot the Stock version M4,  the front baffle is satin black, the sides and rear are wrapped in a beautiful, recycled real-wo-d wenge veneer (wood veneer options vary upon ordering).

Yes you can order other veneers at an extra charge, and yes you can order them with grills, again at an additional charge. Below is an excerpt from what I consider a very accurate and well written review in Part Time Audiophile.

After it was all over, I felt that the M4’s had done one thing better than I could have ever predicted. They had given my every-man audience exactly what I wanted them to have; a masterclass in audiophile sound. Their precise imaging, extension in dynamics, realistic textures, organic timbre, energetic speed, and most importantly, the ability to evoke the emotional connection that audiophiles gush about so regularly. The Studio Electric M4 might be one of the best teaching tools I’ve ever had at my disposal. It’s not often that you can demystify a multitude of abstract concepts within the time it takes to listen to one song — but that is exactly what the M4’s were readily doing. Eric Franklin Shook - Part Time Audiophile


"Eyes closed, ears open, Studio Electric's M4 speakers, stood out from the pack. Whenever I visited their room (numerous times) at CAF 2017, I kept requesting that the M4 monitors be up and running." -David Blumenstein - Hifi Pig, US Correspondent


I don't like to carry loudspeakers. Logistically they are expensive to ship on auditions, the market segment is crowded with manufacturers and hyperbole (what high end audio segment isn't these days?) and there is just too much confusion when it comes to making purchasing decisions. But once in awhile, logic flies out the window and I fall in love. Such is the case with the Studio Electric M4 Monitor.

"Studio Electrics succeed in particular is in combining reasonable neutrality with an uncanny ability to convey the dynamic energy and “life”. - Robert Harley, TAS

About Studio Electric


Dave MacPherson, managing partner at Studio Electric, has a 30-year history designing and building speaker systems for professional and home use. Thousands of loudspeakers designed by Dave are in service around the world.

Located in Utah (home of another highly regarded speaker manufacturer) Dave and company make a wide range of loudspeakers from the M4 to a 2 1/2 way floor stander called the FSX. His approach to design is somewhat unique, and borne of his 30 years spent designing loudspeakers for live music reproduction in concert halls and studios. The results of his designs are magic.

There are two guiding principles of a Studio Electric Loudspeaker

  1. Fun to listen toStudio Electric employs modern computer aided measurement tools to insure acurate reproduction, but the final decision on speaker voicing is always based on subjective listening with a core question: "Are we feeling an emotional connection to the music, or are we just listening to audio equipment?"
  2. High valueStudio Electric loudspeakers are often included in audio show reports on "favorite systems" lists. Many owners report that their SE speakers exceed the performance of their previous reference speaker. Based on this positive feedback, we confidently invite comparison to systems costing much more.

 The M4

The M4 is a sealed box two way design that incorporates the same drive units as his more expensive speakers, just fewer of them and in a smaller cabinet. You rarely see a sealed box 2 way any longer. Why? Most designers try to squeeze out as much bass as possible from smaller speakers, and therefore result to porting the box in order to boost the bass output at lower frequencies. The tradeoff of this bass boost is that the port is quite reactive to room placement. Too close to a back or side wall and you can get tubby, boomy, one note bass. A sealed box design is less reactive, partly because of no port, but also partly because of the smoother roloff of low frequencies.


In the illustration above, the green line represents a typical ported design. This creates an illusion of more bass output, but can also muddy the sound.


"I deem the M4’s the most lovable bookshelf monitor I’ve encountered at a show, regardless of price." - Eric Franklin Shook Part Time Audiophile



LF: SE HighX™6.5" / 170mm /copolymer  
HF: 1" / 25mm soft dome   
Frequency Response: 44Hz-22kHz  
Sensitivity: 88dB @ 1W / 1 meter   
Recommended Power Amplifier: 40 to 200 Watts   
Impedance: 6 Ohms   
Crossover Frequency: 3kHz 
Construction: HDF and MDF with recycled Wenge veneer   
Cabinet Dimensions: (HxWxD): 12”x8.625"x15" (sans grill)   
Weight: 19 lbs. / 8.5 kg (shipped two per carton) @ 43 lbs.