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Symphony Pro

Passive Audiophile Power Conditioner

All Add-Powr products use algorithm generated fields to transmit the energy that re-references AC delivered to your audio components. The method of transmission differs between products in that as you move up the product line, the algorithms differ slightly and the power of fields generated increases with the addition of more transformers.

The Symphony Pro adds 2 more coils, 6 vs. 4 in the Symphony, which means a more powerful field is generated.

Unique Technology

ADD-POWR technology is unique because it is non-invasive. Unlike other power conditioning devices, ADD-POWR is EM (electromagnetic) field based.

Instead of inserting a potentially current limiting component between the incoming AC and your components, a field is generated which because of its nature, re-references (biases) the AC signal.

Symphony Pro is an upgraded EM Field conditioner from the company that produced the original Quantum Products Symphony Pro, an algorithm/harmonic em field generator with 6 coils. Includes IEC C-6 power cord.

What You Will Hear: Near Source Components

With the Symphony plugged directly into the wall (do not plug in to a power conditioner, it needs the unfiltered power) and placed near source components, you will hear more musical detail with greater clarity and dynamic snap. Imaging is sharper, and the soundstage is wider and deeper. 

What You Will Hear: Near Routers, Switches, and Server NAS devices

Surprisingly, the positive effects of Add-Powr products can be heard at the data level in streaming systems. A layer of grain is lifted and you will hear a cleaner, clearer, yet more natural presentation. The soundstage will widen and deepen as a result of noise levels and distortions being reduced.

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symphony pro

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