Craft Audio Studio

Dripping Springs, Texas

Craft Audio Studio

Our Studio in Dripping Springs allows you to audition some of Tweek Geek's product offerings, plus some brands and products not found on the Tweek Geek web site.

The Craft Audio Studio will bring you products of a more bespoke nature, made by smaller manufacturers, whose craftsmanship and sound are exceptional. We will be offering Craft Audio branded cables, and other products as well. The Studio affords you the opportunity for a more personalized musical experience than we can offer with Tweek Geek. 

Craft Audio Vs. Tweek Geek

Specifically, our goal for Craft Audio, and what will separate it from Tweek Geek is the focus on tube amplification, and high efficiency loudspeakers. This has been a long time passion of ours. Solid state components and lower efficiency speakers can sound wonderful, but what gives us goosebumps is the musical experience created by high efficiency speakers driven by tube amplification. The dynamics, scale, richness, and the life energy of the music is more expressive and engaging to our ears. Maybe it will be to yours too.

Craft Audio is actively seeking smaller manufacturers of high quality tube components, as well as developing a line of high efficiency, open baffle loudspeakers. We are not averse to representing other loudspeaker manufacturers, as long as their sensitivity is over 95dB.

For now, you can make an appointment to hear streamers paired with our Audio Hungary Tube integrated, which fortunately has plenty of power to drive our Harbeth line of loudspeakers.

Listening At The Studio

Contact us at to schedule a listening session.


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