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The System Upgrade In A Power Cord - 2 meter

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Product Description

Tweek Geek "System Upgrade In A Cord"

Don't believe us? Try it for yourself.

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you what makes this cord unique and better than any other cable in it's price range.

Start With Great Wire

First, we listened to a hundreds of different wires. We listened for resolution, musicality, balance, dynamics, tone, every audiophile buzzword you can think of, we listened for THAT... Next, we chose the absolute best wire that didn't cost a fortune, and could be supplied reliably. We don't keep it secret. It's the Furutech FP-S022N wire. 14 gauge, shielded, flexible, sounds great on it's own and is readily available. You could make a very nice power cord out of this wire. In fact we offer one already built as a Tweek Geek product.

Add Great Connections (within reason)

We listened to even more connectors for power cords. Yes they matter sonically, and more expensive does not equate to better. The value winner was a rhodium plated copper connector, housed in a chromed copper body, and finished with carbon fiber.  They are striking to look at, and posess a sound profile that compliments the wire.


Reduce Noise

This is what separates us from everyone else. We incorporate a specially made version of Jack Bybee's AC module. They incorporate the same Furutech wire that we use in the cords. Nobody else has this. We also incorporate additional filtering on the ground, and the end result is remarkably low noise and no current limiting up to 15 amps. You will notice the noise's absence by the sudden increase in resolution and musicality on any audio component you power with the cord (okay maybe not your old Yorx receiver. Be reasonable for cryin' out loud...)

We house all of these extra bits inside a gorgeous, hand made, machined & assembled carbon fiber housing with beautiful aluminum end caps. This is a slow, labor intensive process that we are particularly proud of. Fit and finish are exceptional and worthy of the price tag. Oh, and so is the performance.

Make It Tweek Proof

We do a few other things to the cable to improve performance and lower noise, but we ain't talkin'.

What Can You Expect

When you order: It will take about 2 weeks from date of order to shipment. Quality takes time, and building to order actually helps us to keep costs down. You can choose to have the wire covered in tech flex if you want (at a small upcharge). We choose not to just to show customers that we do indeed use the Furutech wire.

When you plug it in: You may be underwhelmed at first, as time is needed for the cord to settle in. Settling in starts after 24 hours and continues to improve up to 200 hours. You should be pretty darn happy you bought the $10,000 upgrade after 24 hours, and your smile will continue to widen for quite some time afterward. All Audio components lose their "electronic-ness", digititus, whatever you want to call it, it's gone. It's replaced by a highly resolving, plunging the depths, inky black space between notes, organic, lively sense of realness. Music is just more relaxing and believable. Your shitty recordings will be less shitty, and the great ones will enrapture you with a lit from within, you are there type of experience that leaves you losing track of time & space. Only sitting, and listening to music, occasionally with mouth agape, and fits of joyous laughter. 

Try It!

Think I'm full of garbage? I will say this, your sonic tastes may not be mine, and there may be a few components out there that don't synergize with this cord. I'm certain of it. But that is why I offer in-home auditions. You need to hear this cord in YOUR system, with YOUR ears. I make that easy. Call 303-653-6341 and ask to audition the cord, or two cords. I will take your shipping information, credit card information (for security purposes) and send you the cord (s) for you to experience in your own audio system over the course of at lease one weekend.  If they don't float your boat, no harm done. Send them back and we are done. If  you love them, we will arrange to have your own cords made, and you may be able to hang on to the demo cords until your new cords arrive. It's simple, let's you know without a doubt that they work for your ears and your system, and eliminates buyer's remorse.

Comparison Chart

The below chart compares the  Tweek GeekBybee AC, SE AC and Ultimate AC adapter features


Tweek Geek
System Upgrade Cord

Tweek Geek
Bybee SE AC Cord

Tweek Geek
Bybee Dark Matter Cord

Internal Bybees Used  Crystal AC SE AC SE AC
Termination Rhodium copper 
w/ Carbon Aluminum Housing
Rhodium copper 
w/ Carbon Aluminum Housing
Furutech FI-50 NCF
Furutech FI-50 NCF
Wiring Furutech FP-S022N 
14 awg Alpha Nano OFC
Furutech FP-SO32N 
12 awg Alpha Nano OFC
FP SO32N Alpha Nano OFC
High Fidelity Wave Guides? No No Yes
Length x Diameter 6.25" x 2.25"  6.25" x 2.25"   8.25" x 2.25"  
Length of wire from 
tube to connector
6" 6" 8"
Price $2,495 $3,295 $4,595

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