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The Tweek Box - 4 Outlet Power Distributor

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The Tweek Box

4 Outlet Power Distributor

The Tweek Box is our own customizeable AC power distributor. It starts with a high quality, black anodized aluminum chassis. We install as stock two Hubbell 5362 duplex receptacles, and wire them up with Duelund 16awg "Tone" wire. Being the tweekers you are, nearly everything is optional.

Choose from the following AC receptacles

Hubbell 5362 - Known for good sonic qualities at a very reasonable price. This is the stock receptacle

Hubbell 5352 - The next step up from the 5362. It adds a brass strap across the back, much tighter gripping and heavier duty receptacles

Frutech GTX DG - For those who feel they need the warmer sonics of gold

Furutech GTX-DR NCF - The ultimate AC receptacle that really does live up to it's reputation

Choose from the following Wiring

Furutech FP S022N - 14 awg wire that has excellent clarity and tone. It is a little narrower  in the soundstage than the Duelund, but more focused imaging.

Duelund 16 awg cotton/oil "Tone" wire - There is something special about the midrange presentation with this wire in the signal or AC path. This wire offers up a wide soundstage and very smooth highs.

Upgrade the iec inlet

 We offer an upgrade to the Furutech AC Inlet Gold. Which we preferred in our listening tests.

Tweaking the Tweek Box

There is room inside for things like:

  • Filtering caps
  • Bybee V2
  • Ground filter

Number of Receptacles: 4

Resistance: .3 ohms with stock wire all connections measured from the iec inlet to the AC contact on each plug.

Dimensions: 5 1/5" x 4 3/8" x 2 3/4"

Weight: 3 lbs