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Tweeked Out FP-S55N 10AWG Power Cable

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Product Description

Tweek Geek "Tweeked Out" FP S55N Based Power Cord

10 AWG Furutech Nano Wire + Tweek Geek's Secret Sauce

FP-S55N 10 AWG wire

Our recommendation for the FP-S55N is to use it for high current  components such as amps, power conditioners, and tube components that have a high current draw. However, due to the warm, rich and relaxing tonal qualities of this cord you may find it useful on some source components that have an analytical tendency, or on a preamp if your entire system is leaning to the analytical side and you want to give it a more musical and relaxed sound.

About FP-S55N

The Furutech FP-S55N uses 3 x 10-gauge conductor bundles of Furutech's Alpha-OFC-NanoTech Copper. Alpha Nano-OFC is one of the best conductors Furutech engineers have found for sound reproduction. The new technology used in the highly specialized manufacturing process of this ultra-high performance power cable combines Furutech's world renowned Alpha conductors with Furutech's extremely effective signal transmission enhancer, Nano Liquid. Nano Liquid's molecules are so tiny (8 nano-meters in diameter (8/1000000mm) they cover the Alpha conductor surface and fill up any concave-convex sections left on the conductor surface during the production process, increasing the electric conduction area and debasing impedance. The very precise mix of gold and silver super-micro particles and amount of dispersing Squalene oil used on the conductor has great influence on the sound reproduction, and Furutech's engineers settled on their exact ratio of gold to silver particles after careful audition of countless test samples.

The resulting tuned cable offers superb overall balance of qualities that Furutech is known for that allows you to feel experience and communicate with music. The results are extremely fine resolution down and through the very low noise floor, improved sound staging and image palpability, a musical, attractive, round midrange, tight and controlled bass, plus power and dynamics to spare to set your music on fire!

Rhodium Plated Copper Carbon Fiber Wall Plug and IEC

In an effort to create a superb value power cord,  we wanted to create something that sounded great, but wouldn't be outrageously expensive. We use the rhodium plated copper contact connector that after trying many others, gave us the best sound. On top of that the cost was in line with our goal of providing a high value power cord. The main bodies of these connectors are milled out of a billet of copper, chrome plated then dressed with a carbon fiber sleeve. The copper creates a Faraday cage for the delicate junction between wire and connector. They are massive, provide excellent shielding from EMI and RFI and because they are copper, provide great resonance damping as well.


Our Tweaks to the FP-S55N Cord

First thing we do is strip off the jacket and shield. This leaves the thin inner jacket that covers the three 10 awg wires. That may sound counterintuitive but it actually makes the overall sonic presentation better, and improves the flexibility of the cord. Many power cords sound better unshielded, because the shield and extra jacketing store energy and distortion and dump it right back into the wire. Removing the shield and jacketing literally opens up the sound of the Furutech wire.

Next, we treat all of the contacts with Furutech's Nano Silver/Gold liquid before the cable is terminated. This is the same liquid that the individual wires are bathed in during the making of the cable. The nano particles of silver and gold are suspended in a squalene oil, when applied to the surface of wire they fill in the microscopic gaps, cracks, etc in the wire which lowers the noise floor. We coat the exposed ends of the wire with Nano liquid right before termination. 

Secret Sauce. Yes, we do use some secret sauce inside the iec connector. It helps absorb rfi and makes the noise floor even lower.

Take the Performance a step further with a Furutech NCF AC Receptacle

We highly recommend plugging your Furutech NCF cords into NCF AC receptacles. Good grip on the cord, and excellent synergy.


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