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Tweek Geek System Consultations

Audio System/Listening Envirionment Consultations

A truly wholistic approach to audio system performance tuning.

The Problem

The problem is easy; you aren't happy with the experience your current audio system is providing you with. It's the solution that is more difficult to attain.

Besides our love of music, we as audiophiles are driven by 2 things: Dissatisfaction and/or curiosity. Dissatisfaction with our current audio system's performance leads most of us on a hunt for the offense, and the offending component. Curiosity may be the desire to push the boundaries of the existing experience that your audio system creates for you.

Both of these drives lead many of us down the path of "the audio merry-go-round". The process goes something like this:

  1. Read the latest buzz on the latest gear from audio mags, web sites or forums.
  2. Decide your system isn't cutting it in light of this new information.
  3. Sell your existing gear to buy the latest gear.
  4. Experience the thrill of getting a new audio component.
  5. Experience the eventual let down that your system has just made a sideways move at best -or-
  6. Experience the feeling that there is still "more" or "better" out there.
  7. Back to step 1.

This can be very costly and time consuming. Why not draw from our experience and knowledge, shorten the number of revolutions made on the Audio Merry-Go-Round, and get on with enjoying your music collection without audiophile angst? 

Why Our Approach Is Different

Our approach to system optimization goes beyond the typical troubleshooting and optimizing that other retailers/installers may offer, way beyond. We at Tweek Geek believe that we have many more tools at our disposal. Tools that they probably have never heard of or tried, and certainly have not spent as much time becoming familiar with. The typical dealer/installer is okay to use for basic setup and optimization, there is nothing wrong with their methods. In fact they are very important and we use them too. But when you want to go beyond, get even more performance, lower noise, a wider more involving soundscape, if you want to become absorbed in the experience your system creates rather than just be an outside observer, that is where we can help.

We will carefully asses your audio sytem, get to know your tastes and preferences, look closely at your existing listening environment and come up with a plan to take your system/environment to the next level and beyond. 

How to Start

1. The Listener Profile
It all starts with you telling us about your system, musical preferences, listening environment, etc. Fill out our Listener Profile completely, and we will contact you with the next steps. (insert Listener Profile Button)

2. Upload Photos Of Your Listening environment
This next step will help us get a better handle on the situation you are trying to improve. Most of the time we can make our recommendations from the profile and the room photos. You can implement most of the recommendations using our in-home audition program, and evaluate the results. We will get your feedback and make any adjustments.

3. The Site Visit
If circumstances warrant, we can travel to your location and spend some serious one on one time with your system, and room. This of course is a last resort, due to the expense of traveling and dedicated time with your system. We will discuss this with you personally if we feel this is the right course of action for you.

This is the beginning of an ongoing relationship. We want to become intimately familiar with your system, make it sound better than it ever has before, then continue to improve upon it as new technology brings us even more capability.

The journey to sonic bliss starts with the profile, and a conversation. Get started today!


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