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Bybee Introduces New AC Module - Offers 10 Limited Edition Power Conditioners

Posted by Michael Garner on

Bybee’s Introduces New Breakthrough Technology for AC - Creates 10 power conditioners to showcase the technology


It’s been a few years since we’ve had a new idea from the mind of Jack Bybee. The AC Purifier Module is Jack's latest invention, and is available only to OEM manufacturers. The AC modules are meant to be used in any powered audio component. While they work fantastically in AC conditioners, they greatly improve the performance of amplifiers, preamps, music servers, and other audio components that utilize AC power.

The Bybee AC module consists of a pair of SE AC modules, one for hot, one for neutral, with a copper Purifier for the ground leg. It adds a revolutionary new technology to all 3 purifiers that takes their performance to new levels.  The new Bybee AC module creates a holographic, 3D soundstage that no other AC product can match.

To showcase the new technology, Jack Bybee has built 10 limited edition power conditioners with the Bybee AC Modules. Once these 10 are gone, they are gone.

The Bybee/Curl Holographic Power Source has no switches, fuses, or circuit breakers. You get the maximum benefit of the Bybee AC Power Module this way. For surge protection, it implements the Bybee/Curl non current limiting surge protection system, and capacitive filtering using REL audio grade capacitors. The four duplex AC receptacles are Furutech, and its all housed in a gorgeous non-magnetic brushed aluminum chassis.

The Bybee/Curl Holographic Power Source is available exclusively at Tweek Geek at a price of $5400.

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