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Customer Review of the Acoustic Imagery Atsah Monoblock Amplifiers

Posted by Michael Garner on

I got interested in the Atsahs in a conversation with Mike Garner who had always been so helpful. I owned a pair of Nuforce Reference 9v.2 and was inquiring about upgrading them. (Prior to the Nuforce's I owned a Cary V12i tube amp that had a gorgeous tone but not enough grip on the speakers) Mike suggested I take a listen to Acoustic Imagery amps. Given their expense, I hesitated. Eventually my curiosity got the better of me. Before I sat down to listen to the Atsahs, I spent an evening immersed in listening to my old amps. I was as delighted and emotionally moved by the music as I had been when I first purchased the Nuforces. As a result, I fully expected that there would only be marginal differences with the new amps, too subtle for these old and partially deaf ears to care much about. I was dismayed to discover how wrong I was. The Acoustic Imagery amps were of an entirely different order. They revealed my B&W 803d's to be vastly better speakers than I had previously thought. And I had never thought there was anything wrong with the speakers. Among other things, I no longer needed my subwoofer. While I could articulate the audiophile virtues of these amps at some length, what is much more important to me is how musically compelling they are. I keep being surprised when I listen, and I have never before been so moved by recorded music.

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