Deal of the Week - Monday August 3 2014

Deal of the Week - Monday August 3 2014

Posted by Michael Garner on 10th Aug 2014

Tweek Geek Product of the Week:

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Once you hear them you'll have to buy them, so if you aren't ready to buy don't torture yourself! After two years of offering these amps, we still haven't met someone who didn't fall in love after hearing them.
As we mentioned above, we have been carrying the Acoustic Imagery amplifiers for well over 2 years now, and everyone who has had the chance to audition them, no matter what amps they were currently using, has loved these amps. They have displaced amps from Krell, Pass Labs, Luxman, Nuforce, and more. Customers are floored by the ultra quiet (-128 dB) noise floor, huge dynamic and current reserves, and of course the smooth yet highly resolving sound. They also appreciate the fact that they run cooler than most solid state Class A amplifiers and draw far less power at idle. This allows for leaving the amps on and in a "warmed up" state at all times. If you are considering purchasing new amps this year, no matter what your budget, we highly recommend you audition the Acoustic Imagery Atsah mono amps before you buy anything else. We are convinced that you will be impressed with their performance, and floored by the value they represent.
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Coming Very Soon from Acousticimagery

We will be debuting the Acoustic Imagery Jay-Sho preamp with the Atsah power amps at this year's Rocky Mountain Audiofest. Designing a preamp that was capable of passing on the black background and high resolution of the Atsahs without altering the tonal balance and musicality was difficult, but John Young has done it. The pre production unit we listened to partnered phenomenally well with the Atsahs. We should be receiving our first production units by the end of this month, and will have more photos and impressions of it in our regular monthly newsletter. In the meantime, below is a rendering of the design.

Contact us if you would like to audition the Acoustic Imagery amplifiers, or would like to reserve your Jay-Sho preamp. Call 888-998-9335 or email