Tweek Geek Product of the Week - August 11 2014

Tweek Geek Product of the Week - August 11 2014

Posted by Michael Garner on 10th Aug 2014


Tweek Geek Product of the Week:


Speaker Match


SteinMusic Speaker Matches are connected parallel to your speaker cables for the purpose of reducing EMF.  With three designs to choose one, there's a match for everyone's system.  Here's what Positive Feedback had to say about the Speaker Match:

"The increase in definition and the lowering of all kinds of distortion is major league and obvious and instantaneous. Imaging is strongly enhanced. The bass response is deeper, cleaner, clearer, and more dramatic. Soundstaging is wider and deeper. Timbres are richer and more realistic. Phase distortion is remarkably lower and no longer muddying up the imaging. The more revealing the system and speaker, the more incredible are the results. The speakers did a disappearing act on more material, more often than ever before."

Scroll down to read about the 3 levels of Speaker Matches available at Tweek Geek.

Speaker Match
$298 per pair

"The Stein Music Speaker Matches are truly the Audio Holy Grail, catapulting your top system to a level of realism unattainable by any other device that I’ve ever heard! ... The Stein Music Speaker Matches are instantly musically transformative, thoroughly enhance and refine your listening experience, are easy to use, and are set-and-forget-it."- Positive Feedback's Review of the Speaker Match

Speaker Match Plus
$750 per pair

"In my opinion, this is THE BEST high-end audiophile accessory ever, my friends. Bravo Stein Music." - Positive Feedback's Review of the Speaker Match Plus

Speaker Match Signature
$1699 per pair

For those with ultra high resolution audio systems, Stein has pulled out all of the stops with the Speaker Match Signature. Everything in the construction of the Speaker Match signature is top-notch. Closely matched capacitors, upgraded wiring, Stein E-Pads, and all encased in a goregous African Blackwood capsule.

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