Vicoustic Acoustic Treatments

Audiophile & Commercial Acoustics


We are an authorized retailer for Vicoustic products. Vicoustic offers effective, and sustainably produced (where possible) acoustic treatments such as bass traps, diffusers, and absorbers in a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing designs and finishes.

Room acoustics are one of the three pillars of any great audio system along with clean power, and proper speaker placement. It is often the most overlooked part of one's audio system. We at Tweek Geek want to fix that. Our partnership with Vicoustic goes beyond selling products, together we take a consultative approach to your specific situation. 

It starts with a conversation about your issues and goals. From there we go through a process of information gathering. We will need your room dimensions, along with photographs of every angle of the room. We take that information and make a 3D model of your room, and devise a plan to turn your room into a sonically friendly space. 

If you are ready to talk room acoustics, give us a call at 303-653-6341 to get the conversation started. 

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