Audio Cables

Wireworld has been making cables since 1992. They own several patent on their technologies, and have a unique way of performing subjective tests on their cables.  Their Cable Comparitor (US patent #5,740,255) is a custom-built laboratory grade device that facilitates instant comparisons between cables and the only scientific reference standard for cable performance, a direct connection between components. They call these tests Cable Polygraphs.

Phase Shift in Cables

Most cables add brightness to the sound because their electromagnetic loss creates phase shift that increases the duration of high frequency transients, which makes them sound louder. In comparison, the reduced loss and phase shift of Wireworld cables lets the music breathe, sounding much more organic and vibrant.

Eddy Currents & DNA Technology

Wireworld DNA Helix technology minimizes eddy current losses with parallel conductors layered in patterns that strengthen the electromagnetic field and reject interference.

Electromagnetic (inductive) Loss

The most audible differences among interconnects and speaker cables are caused by electromagnetic (inductive) loss, which is the sum of proximity effect, skin effect and the especially problematic eddy current resistance. Wireworld's DNA Helix conductor geometry uses optimally engineered, closely-spaced conductors reduce electromagnetic losses to provide dramatic improvements in the preservation of harmonic structure, three-dimensionality and dynamics.