Wireworld Eclipse 8 Speaker Cable

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Wireworld Eclipse 8 

Audiophile Speaker Cables

About Eclipse 8

Eclips 8 speaker cable possesses the refined tonal qualities of OCC  copper in a seriously upgraded design. Eclipse 8 speaker cables provide the world class performance of Wireworld's Octo DNA Helix at a cost that suits many high end audio systems. Eclipse 8 is Wireworld's largest cable with Ohno Continuous-Cast® 7N copper conductors.

"If your upgrade plans include major system-wide renovations, this particular Eclipse is one you don’t want to miss."


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The Wireworld Eclipse 8 speaker cable features their unique Octo DNA Helix™ cable geometry and is beautifully terminated using the new Uni-Term™ interchangeable Silver Spade lugs or Silver Banana plugs. 


Conductor material:  Ohno Continuous Cast copper
No. of conductors:  8 48 strand groups
Insulation:  Composilex 3
Gauge:  9 AWG - 6mm2
Cable design:  Octo DNA Helix™