Wireworld Gold Eclipse 8 Speaker

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Wireworld Gold Eclipse 8 Speaker

High End Audio Speaker Cable

With solid silver conductors that illuminate fine details combined with the impressive weight and dynamics of the Octo DNA Helix design, Gold Eclipse 8 provides fidelity that is second only to the Platinum for about half the cost. The superior neutrality and focus of this upgraded cable design takes the fantastic resolution of solid silver to the next level.

The flattening of their cable geometries is the basis for their DNA Helix cable designs utilized in WireWorld speaker cables. The strands in the flat 8 48 strand groups of conductors are as thin as a single strand, there are multiple strands to provide very low resistance, and all of the strands are completely parallel. According to Wireworld DNA Helix Geometry provides the most direct signal path possible. Furthermore, for each design, the spacing between the two polarities is tuned to match the sound of a direct connection. 

Gold Eclipse 8 speaker cables are for the resolution lover with a top-tier system.

Gold Eclipse 8 Specifications

  • Conductor Geometry: Octo DNA Helix (For dimensions, click here.)
  • Conductor Makeup: 8 (48 strand groups) Gauge: 9AWG | 6 sq. mm 4N Solid Silver
  • Insulation: Composilex 3
  • Connectors: Silver-clad Uni-Term