Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 Speaker Cable

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Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 

Audiophile Speaker Cables

About Silver Eclipse 8

The Silver Eclipse 8 audiophile speaker cable features Wireworld’s unique Octo DNA Helix™ cable design and is beautifully terminated using Uni-Term™ interchangeable Silver Spade lugs or Silver Banana plugs. The fit and finish of the Silver Eclipse second will fit right in with any high end audio system, and the sound will not disappoint either!

Customers who want a little more warmth out of the Silver Eclipse 8 will choose the gold plated terminations, while customers who want more resolution and detail will chose the silver clad spade or banana terminations.

There are almost as many theories about speaker cables as audiophiles. Many music lovers believe that the larger gauge the speaker wire, the better the performance. That is not necessarily true. The idea that larger gauge speaker wire minimizes audible losses is not true. While increasing the thickness of a conductor does lower DC resistance and some resistive loss, larger speaker wires increase inductive loss. This actually is what causes much of the degradation that we hear when auditioning speaker cables. The optimal speaker cable would minimize both resistance and inductance to preserve as much of the original waveform as possible.

Since magnetic force varies exponentially with distance, positive and negative conductors of an audio cable need to be in close proximity to one another in order to minimize electromagnetic loss. This is the drawback associated with thick conductors. They simply can’t be placed close enough together. Wireworld has created a solution to this challenge however. They have flattened thier cables.

The flattening of their cable geometries is the basis for their DNA Helix cable designs utilized in WireWorld speaker cables. The flat conductors are as thin as a single strand, there are multiple strands to provide very low resistance, and all of the strands are completely parallel. According to Wireworld DNA Helix Geometry provides the most direct signal path possible. Furthermore, for each design, the spacing between the two polarities is tuned to match the sound of a direct connection.

Silver Eclipse 8 Specifications

  • 8 48 strand groups
  • 9 AWG
  • Composilex 3 insulation
  • DNA Octo Helix Geometry